What to do before your hike with us...

The wild world is as changeable as it is exciting and presents a whole range of problems that you and your group should be aware of so if you have bought a ticket to come on one of our hikes (thank you :) ) we would recommend bringing the following:

Things to bring:


  • Hat - Beanie or cap, both have their benefits

  • A base layer - this can be a thermal one or just a sports t-shirt.

  • A mid layer - a jumper or fleece

  • An external layer - a waterproof coat

  • Trousers - never jeans, ever, please. They create chaffing between thighs over a few miles as your body temperature rises. Leggings are fine and if you are doing a short hike in dry conditions tracksuit bottoms are ok. The recommended


  • Backpack (ideally waterproof)

  • Torch